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Agile KC is a tool, technology and practices agnostic community organization.  We meet regularly to discuss best practices, new learnings and to hear experience reports.  Please feel free to join us at one of our meetings.  There are no dues or membership obligations, we simply ask that you attend and participate in the collaboration.


Next Meeting:    Thursday August 25, 2016 at 6:30 PM


Location: Centriq Training
8700 State Line Rd.
Leawood KS
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Registration: This will be a sponsored event.  In order to provide our host with a correct count for dinner, please register for the meeting by clicking the image to the right Image result for rsvp
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Meeting Topic: The Failure of Agility; A View from Dryfus Model
Meeting Learning: The heart of Agile is all about embracing change, adapting to the needs of the users and the business in order to deliver high quality software and business value sooner. Agile tells us to “inspect and adapt”. Problem is…most agile adopters simply can’t do that, but why? It’s simple. When you are first learning a new skill - a new programming language, a new technique, or even a new development method- you do not yet have the experience, mental models, or ability to handle an abstract concept such “inspect and adapt”. Those abilities are only present in practitioners with much more experience, at higher skill levels
Description: In this month’s Agile KC session we’ll explore, in depth, this failure and exactly what you can do about it to be successful with Agile methods. Nicole Safley will lead the discussion based on the scientific learning model, the Dryfus Model.  The GROWS™ Method attempts to explain a simple framework for adopting Agile practices that allow individuals, teams, and organizations to make a successful Agile transformation and/or grow their maturity in practice. It’s a method that will help you go beyond the point of just “DOING” Agile and help you to “BE” Agile all in due time so that you actually realize the true power of Agile.
Speaker Bio: Nicole Safley is a passionate Agilist who has been working with teams and organizations for the past 11+ years helping them leverage Agile principles and practices to deliver high quality software sooner. Really...she's a little fanatic about BEING Agile. She's a straight-shooter and has been known to say things that you may not always like to hear, but she has burning desire to help others reach their true Agile potential and sometimes that's what it takes! Nicole is the founder of ShowMe Agile, LLC. She worked with CARFAX as an Agile

Coach/Manager/ScrumMaster (whatever else was needed) for 10 years where her team implemented a rigorous XP practice and later brought in Scrum. Through the years, pragmatism replaced dogmatism and she BECAME Agile instead of just DOING Agile. Currently, she and her team are leading the agile transformation at Veterans United Home Loans. Certifications: CSM, CSP, ICP-ACC, and AHF (AgilityHealth Facilitator).


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