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The next meeting of AgileKC will take place on Thursday May 26, 2016  -- 6:30 PM at:

Centriq Training Center

8700 State Line Road
Suite 200
Leawood, KS 66206




Registration: This will be a sponsor supported event.  In order to help our sponsor plan accordingly and know how many guests to expect, please register for this meeting at Eventbrite




Meeting Topic: 

Scrum Master Check In


Meeting Learning:

One of the most dynamic and challenging roles for an Agile team can be that of the Scrum Master.  Often times the responsibilities include keeping the team consistent to the process, helping remove impediments that may keep the team from delivering value, interpersonal coach to build the team and more.  This meeting will help provide a voice to what it the role requires, what it takes to be successful as a Scrum Master and what some area practitioners have learned while fulfilling this role.


Meeting Description:

Over the last couple of months at various events there has been a lot of discussion about what it takes to successfully implement an Agile process.  One of the key points that has been present in all of these discussions is that of the Scrum Master. 

Join us for an informal panel discussion at this month’s Agile KC meeting.  We’ll have Scrum Masters from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels discuss what they have learned, what has worked, what has not worked and describe more about their particular teams and environments.

This should be a great opportunity to ask your questions of the group as well as share your experiences.  It could also be an excellent opportunity for your organization’s leadership and HR associates to learn more about how the role is similar across organizations and unique to each company so plan on bringing a co-worker, friend, associate or +1 to this event.




Speakers Bio:

Derek Springer – A Technical Project Manager and Scrum Master at Cerner Corporation.  His organization consists of 12 agile development teams mainly focused on web development.  In addition to working with these development teams, Derek teaches a two-day Agile Boot Camp training course for new associates participating in the development process, as well as a more targeted one-day Agile Development course for new software engineers.   He has been in this role at Cerner for 3 years after receiving his degree in Economics from University of Missouri.

Eden Schoofs - Analyst in Intellectual Property Development at Cerner Corporation 2015-present. BS in Human Development and Psychological Services from Northwestern University 2015.

Steve Toalson - Steve’s first agile assignment was with a pilot team at Hallmark Cards in 2012.  Although small in scope, the experience was HUGE! Always a ‘people-person’, and never quite the Professional Project Manager, Steve discovered that Agile was a perfect fit for him.  Steve went on to work with several Agile Teams and conducted Agile Training at Hallmark, spreading the ‘good word’ of Agile to anyone willing to listen (and even those that wouldn’t). His passion and energy – ha – get it – energy! – brought him westward to Westar Energy in Topeka where he is smack dab in the middle of another Corporate Transformation. Leading two Scrum teams and assisting with the overall transformation, Steve continues to find himself doing what he loves to do – help people learn the value of Agile Principles and Process.  Steve’s claim to fame – He will recite all 12 agile principles at the drop of hat.  Go ahead – ask him. (But be prepared to engage in the conversation that is sure to follow!)

Erik Fance - Erik is a high-performing software development professional who possesses over 20 years of experience producing high quality products for a variety of businesses and corporate functions. He has a passion for Agile development and delivery, and specializes in coaching teams through the creation and use of technology. His efforts have led to enhanced performance, more effective communication, and a greater priority on training and skill development.

Howard Norris


Hope to see you there!

If your organization would like to sponsor a meeting, please contact Martin Olson and and let him know. The Agile KC group is made up of a variety of participants from through the meto-KC area. Our members range from developers to QA to consultants to executives.  By sponsoring a meeting, you will be able to direct your message to the group at large and participate in the collaboration that makes Agile KC so successful.


* 6:30 Networking

* 7:00-8:00 Presentation

* 8:00-8:30 Open forum.

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